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Autumn begins during September when day and night are the same length, known as the Autumn equinox. This year, the equinox took place in the northern hemisphere on 23rd September and so our homepage changed to everyone’s favourite sign of Autumn: conkers!


Live: ClientsFirst’s Jon Pittham talks marketing for advisers on AdviserHangout

ClientsFirst Managing Director Jon Pittham will be appearing on AdviserHangout at 1.00pm on Wednesday 12th June, in the company of host Abraham Okusanya. Together they will be talking through some of the marketing challenges facing firms and individuals in the financial services sector. Covering topics such as SEO, inbound marketing, the importance of content and […]


5 Key e-mail metrics to make sure you measure

Whether you’re a MailFirst user or not, monitoring the success of your e-mail communications is vital to understanding who you’re reaching and what you’re managing to say to them. Originally, the statistics for e-mail marketing were limited but now, using solutions like MailFirst, it’s possible to produce all sorts of relevant key e-mail metrics about […]


Marketing tip: Google Places

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you sign up to Google Places. As we all know, Google is the king of search and Google Places is not only free but provides an excellent opportunity for businesses. It provides a profile and location of your firm when users search Google. When many firms are working […]


‘It’s how you say it’

Whether we are persuading someone to give us the last brownie or persuading them to become a client of our company, we form and structure our language in a particular way to ensure we get what we want. Therefore, I propose, a great deal of marketing and its success is dependable on the motto ‘it’s how you say […]


The Meat in our Sandwich – How to enhance your blog

What do we crave in content? And what is it that makes the read worthwhile? We’ve collated the top five types of content we all look for in a ‘good’ piece of writing: • Everyone loves a beginning, middle and end. That way we don’t feel like we’ve missed out on anything. This generic structure […]


Lazy journalism – what does the future hold?

My first job was working as a reporter on a local newspaper – this was before the majority of newspapers had an online presence, when people couldn’t wait to open up the pages of their local rag to find out what was happening in their local community, and long before people took to Twitter to […]


Key moments of truth – are you creating misery or magic?

In 1984, Richard Normann formulated the concept ‘Moments of Truth (MOT)’, the idea that every interaction your client has with you or your business creates, either directly or indirectly, an ‘MOT’ on which the client will form or shape his opinion of you or your business. The basic principle is that when a prospect or […]


Website tips – anxiety reducers

All too frequently, an adviser’s website will look great but fail to address the fundamental issue of moving the visitor along the sales process to making that phone call. It’s one of the key questions that needs answering – how do you encourage the visitor to make that call? Most web developers will talk about […]


Don’t buy your email mailing list until you’ve read this

So, you’re considering buying a mailing list as part of your plans to grow your business. How do you ensure you’re not getting a bunch of poor quality email addresses that are years old? Here are a few considerations before you commit money to a potentially out of date bunch of data: How is the […]