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Autumn begins during September when day and night are the same length, known as the Autumn equinox. This year, the equinox took place in the northern hemisphere on 23rd September and so our homepage changed to everyone’s favourite sign of Autumn: conkers!


Marketing tip: Google Places

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you sign up to Google Places. As we all know, Google is the king of search and Google Places is not only free but provides an excellent opportunity for businesses. It provides a profile and location of your firm when users search Google. When many firms are working […]


Winning new clients – it’s as simple as picking up the phone

The simplest sales strategy is to gain new clients and the simplest sales activity is to pick up the phone. Selling professional services, that’s what we do. Yes, we market our services and marketing underpins sales but most of all it’s about getting in front of people. When I mean in front of people, I mean […]


It’s not WHAT you do or HOW you do it, it’s WHY….

The advisory market is evolving and firms are increasingly looking for ways to ‘add value’ to clients and differentiate their services. Coupled with this is the focus on gaining new clients, the catalyst for growth. The old model of business promotion was to talk about WHAT you do. The ‘here it is’ approach, no ambiguity, […]


How professional advisers can use email marketing

Many professional advisory firms see email marketing as a promotional tool used by retailers, bombarding inboxes with 50% off vouchers. Email marketing should be part of every firm’s proposition.  Where advisers are using email marketing they’ll usually be using it solely to send out an electronic newsletter, a step in the right direction but it […]


Financial Planners – is it time to start selling again?

  Over the last week or so I’ve delivered presentations to the Institute of Fnancial Planning in London and Essex. A great audience, experts at the top of their game. Having reflected on the session and chatted with a few people after the event, I was surprised by the reaction when I started talking about […]


How one IFA is dealing with the market uncertainty. What are you doing?

It’s troubling times out there.  The markets are in turmoil and there’s trouble on the streets (quite literally). Your clients are likely to be worried about the state of the markets and its impact on their financial well-being. Of course you can tell them that you invest for the long-term and that short-term volatility is part […]


Will you BE THERE….?

…….at that critical moment when the FD sacks the accountant for poor service? You told him when you met a couple of years back that you could do a better job. …….when the MD has been faced with another bill for ‘benefit consulting’ and is looking for alternatives? You told him when you met through […]