eNewsletters – How frequent is too frequent?

Part of what we do is produce newsletters for advisory firms. These are created on a bespoke basis, allowing the business to share with its clients information about what is happening in their business and provide thoughts and opinion on wider issues.

One objection we commonly hear is that clients don’t want to be bombarded with information and that a monthly newsletter is too frequent. An interesting view but one that in general, I disagree with. Why?

Your clients have chosen to have a relationship with you and your business, therefore they expect to hear from you.

With clients having access to information from a wide range of media, if you are not communicating regularly you won’t be having the required impact and be heard through the noise.

Having chosen your firm as their professional adviser, clients will be genuinely interested to hear about how your business is doing.

Your newsletter is your chance to communicate about your business and your people. It is an opportunity to share the culture and values of your business in an engaging manner; how else can you do this?

Most communications sent out from advisory firms are specific to the individual and often technical in nature. Your clients trust you to cut through the ‘noise’ of modern media and provide valued opinion and insight.

Regular communication demonstrates that you care, that you want to engage with and inform your clients. It reinforces why your client came to you in the first place and it helps clients feel assured that their interests are best served by your business.

The subtle message of just communicating in a personable manner is often enough, the client doesn’t have to read it to feel secure in the knowledge that you’re the adviser for them.

Oh yes and something you never hear a client say…….’I hear from you too much!’

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