Five reasons NOT to connect with your clients using email campaign software

Five reasons NOT to connect with your clients using email campaign software

………or at least this is some of what we hear.

1 We already do it via pdf
How many clients open the attachment, print it and enjoy reading it? If this is just a tick box exercise to say you do a newsletter, does it add any value and is it worth doing at all?

2 We only have a small percentage of our client’s email addresses
So it’s not worth doing then? Is this the outlook of a progressive business? Those businesses that have adopted an email newsletter approach have seen a significant increase in the number of client email addresses captured.

3 Our clients are niche and therefore an email newsletter isn’t for us
We all have a target market, some broad, some niche. It’s about the relevance of content and building relationships with YOUR clients and prospects. Think The Times v Yachting Monthly, both have a loyal following interested in their content.

4 We don’t have the time to spend each month writing the content
You can’t get away from the fact that you need to personalise your messages; this doesn’t mean writing ‘War and Peace’ but be yourself and write in a conversational way that clients understand, alternatively use The ClientsFirst Content Store for articles or link to an article on a third party website and provide comment on it. Clients will enjoy hearing your opinion. Content doesn’t have to take long and with a little guidance, producing an e newsletter can be a really simple task.

5 We meet and call our clients regularly – that’s enough for us
All clients? What about those transactional clients that at some point in the future may need your services? Would you like them to come back to you?
Depending on which research you read they say that you should ‘connect’ with your client between 12 and 20 times a year; that’s a lot of meetings and calls.
Treat e media as another channel that compliments, not replaces what you already do and helps to build and cement relationships.

What do you think? Should professional advisory firms be sending out e-newsletters?

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