Jon Dean

Web Developer


In college, Jon studied Business Management, following this with a degree in Quality Management. He loved it so much he continued in education until he got a post graduate diploma in Project Management.

Jon worked in a corporate funding / project management role before going freelance as a web developer and finally moving on to ClientsFirst.


Jon is responsible for building full websites on both WordPress and HubSpot, carrying out ad-hoc development work and the day-to-day management of all our hosted websites.

‘The most important part of my job is working closely with the CSM and Design team to create a website that meets the client’s technical needs, and still looks great.’


Jon and his wife, Ann, love getting out into the peaks, having done the National Three Peaks and Yorkshire Three Peaks challenges as well as having climbed both Snowdon and Scafell Pike multiple times. He’s also done countless marathons and can spend a surprising amount of time talking to you about 1982’s Spectrum 48k… go on, ask him, we dare you.

HubSpot certifications
Inbound Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst
Inbound Marketing Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst
HubSpot CMS for Developers Certification | ClientsFirst
Growth-Driven Design Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst
Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst
Contextual Marketing Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst
HubSpot Sales Software Certification | ClientsFirst



Shy (← Sarcasm)

Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

Dr. Seuss