Jon Pittham



Jon has a background in leading b2b business development teams within both corporate plc and SME. That 10 year corporate career in London working within the insurance industry, financial services and professional services eventually led to him establishing ClientsFirst in 2010.


Jon helps colleagues succeed by creating an enjoyable working environment that is built on mutual trust and a shared vision.

He’s an advocate of growing better through the alignment of sales, marketing and service, and is a regular speaker on growth marketing and sales enablement.

He provides input to client success through helping deliver growth strategies that enable them to scale and grow better.


Jon loves nothing more than spending time with his family, anything involving the great outdoors and travel. He’s a youth football manager, a mediocre tennis player and always enjoys learning something new.

HubSpot certifications
Inbound Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst
Inbound Marketing Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst
Frictionless Sales Certification | HubSpot - ClientsFirst




I like people. I like human beings with their faults and with their strengths.

Jurgen Klopp