Sam Jones



Sam is a wordsmith through and through, he’s articulate and enjoys words like ‘compendious’ and ‘epigrammatic’ – both because they demonstrate the richness of the English language and because they describe his writing style.

Out of the office, Sam can be found writing fiction. He’s working on a novel and has previously been published in a handful of short fiction journals. Professionally, he puts his Masters in Creative Writing to good use by producing captivating copy for clients.


Sam’s days at the office are spent writing all sorts of content from blogs to video scripts, liaising with clients on copy projects, crafting tones of voice and producing tens of thousands of expertly chosen words every week.

‘The most important part of my role is delivering consistently valuable content to clients that’s both interesting to read and appreciated by the target audience.’


Sam writes fiction, makes games, writes and plays music, and kicks… well, you get the picture. He’s met the Queen and swum with sharks (not at the same time).

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A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Winnie the Pooh