HI GEMMA, LET’S START WITH WORK; WHAT DOES A ‘NORMAL’ DAY CONSTITUTE FOR YOU? I often start the day by checking my emails. My role is to manage projects and resource. Therefore, each day I facilitate a team huddle to prioritise the workload for the day. The rest of the … Read More

Spotlight on… Ellen

HI ELLEN, LET’S START WITH WORK; WHAT DOES A ‘NORMAL’ DAY CONSTITUTE FOR YOU? I look after a number of our retained clients to help them achieve their marketing objectives through a range of marketing activities. This may include things like a new website, designing collateral, email marketing communications and … Read More

Are you up to speed with the online/offline rule?

Yes, we all know how difficult it can be to explain the offside rule in football. But are you aware of the online/offline minefield? You’ve no doubt all been busy doing your Christmas shopping. Some of you may be yet to start (dare I say probably the men?!), or some … Read More

Adviser-Store is open for business!

You may have heard talk about something special on the horizon for advisers. Well, we are excited to announce that Adviser-Store is now officially OPEN! This brand new online store has been designed specifically for financial advisory firms, to offer them cost-effective marketing tools at the … Read More

5 tips to increase your website’s conversion rate

If you have a new, modern website, it’s likely that you might be happy with the appearance of your online presence, but not the marketing results. You look good online to all visiting clients and prospects, but how many of those visitors are taking the next action; calling you, submitting … Read More

Spotlight on… Charlotte

HI CHARLOTTE, LET’S START WITH WORK; WHAT DOES A ‘NORMAL’ DAY CONSTITUTE FOR YOU? A usual day starts with updating social media channels for various accounts, then I move onto my main role which is to manage our many MailFirst accounts. Liaising with clients about their email marketing communications takes … Read More