Every clienttells a story

Close Brothers

Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group, providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services, and securities trading.

They approached ClientsFirst with a design requirement for the educational side of their business, which involves helping large companies to understand various elements of finance.

The decision to use an external agency, rather than their internal marketing resource, was based on the need for ‘something different’ from their regular promotional material. As the purpose of this brochure was purely to educate, the firm were keen to ensure this was not seen as part of their regular creative output.

The ClientsFirst design uses the imagery of a sharp pencil to carry through the educational element and reflects this design choice within the brochure, as well as on the bold front cover.

Active Business Communications

We work with Active Business Communications on an ongoing retained basis, delivering strategic marketing assistance and individual focused campaigns.

An initial project with Active saw us successfully deliver a refresh to their website, keeping in place many existing elements but updating them to optimise for modern design and development considerations. A brand audit and refresh also ensured that the Active brand and logo was consistent across all platforms.

On an ongoing basis, we deploy all areas of our marketing expertise to help Active strengthen client relationships and attract new opportunities.

Work on Active’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has seen the firm gain several new opportunities whilst email campaigns have also delivered tangible results. Copywriting, social media and design work are also involved in deploying Active’s content marketing strategy.


Physical Gold

Physical Gold Ltd is a leading UK precious metals dealer, helping investors diversify their portfolios with tax-efficient solutions, be that through gold or silver coins, saving schemes or pension gold.

They approached ClientsFirst as they wanted to revolutionise their website from online promotion of an offline sales process to a fully functioning ecommerce site, whereby customers could buy precious metals online.        

The resulting new website has provided them with a slick and sophisticated online presence, complete with numerous guides downloads and videos, all encouraging the visitor to interact and engage with the site.    

As Physical Gold are a retained client, our work with them also involves ongoing marketing activity, driven by automation. This work also involves social media, offer-driven communication, content production and more, with work planned out on a rolling basis with Physical Gold’s dedicated ClientsFirst Account Manager

Clever Adviser

CleverAdviser specialises in creating investment technology solutions for the IFA community through the application of new technology. Their investment philosophy is all about being radically different and not following a herd mentality.       

As such, they wanted to commission a brand new website that would show they really did stand out from the crowd. The copy, imagery and home page video all manage to communicate this in a striking way with maximum impact.    

Throughout the site, there are frequent Calls To Action (CTAs) to download free guides and book demos, all linked to specific landing pages and forming part of carefully structured lead nurturing campaigns. The CTAs are all A/B tested, providing valuable insights to inform future marketing initiatives.  

Clever’s entire marketing is integrated with SalesFusion so that all their email marketing is part of an automated solution, enabling us to execute highly targeted campaigns on their behalf, with minimum manual input.

Cullen Wealth

Cullen Wealth worked with us to develop new branding and a new website. After both were launched we continue to work with Cullen on ongoing marketing projects.

Cullen’s brand focuses on bespoke photographs of their offices and people. These are enlivened by strong colour choices, which run throughout the firm’s online and offline presence. Video case studies bring the work which Cullen do to life.

Focusing firstly on email marketing and then on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the marketing work completed with Cullen has helped them to improve client retention and relationships and take their firm to a new audience.

The result of our work with Cullen was a substantial increase in search traffic arriving at the site and increased email engagement, both monitored by our advanced marketing platforms.


Alex Tilley

Alex Tilley is a professional ski racer for Great Britain, who is currently competing for selection to Team GB for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

As part of her aims this year, Alex wanted to establish her presence online, which currently only revolves around social media, where she interacts with fans and fellow ski professionals.

The website ClientsFirst designed and developed for her emphasises her values, professionalism and commitment, whilst giving Alex a place collate achievements, interact with sponsors and create an online resource for her career in 2016 and beyond.

The design of the site establishes consistent branding for Alex to use in the future and features imagery and colours in-keeping with her passionate love of winter sports. Good luck to Alex in her bid for Winter Olympic glory in 2018 – we’ll be cheering you on (but probably from in front of a warm fire!).


Creative Benefits

Creative Benefits offers UK employers and individuals access to corporate and personal financial planning, focusing in particular on auto enrolment, employee benefits and wealth management.

The challenge was to take the numerous PowerPoint presentations and proposition documents they had within the business and create a solution which would explain each one of the activity streams in an eye-catching and cohesive way.    

In response, we produced two ‘Nuttshells’ –  our bespoke, web-based, beautiful presentation solution. This helped to present Creative’s proposition in a clear, professional and visually exciting manner. A far cry from Death by PowerPoint!

As a retained client, Creative continue to benefit from our services on a rolling basis, including content and newsletter production.    

Concert Networks

Concert deliver Cloud Telephony and connectivity systems to help firms communicate better with clients. With this in mind, they were conscious that all their marketing communications should convey what they did clearly too.

This started with the creation of a house style. Concert should be friendly, approachable and at the same time informative. The branding was brought up to date with bespoke illustrations and animations.

As a retained client, we ensure Concert’s tone and voice is replicated consistently throughout all their communications, be they data sheets, case studies or web pages.

Legal firms form a key target market for Concert so a major project involved creating a Secret Shopper survey of various law firms in the North West. The guide we produced, summarising the results, has formed an important piece of primary content for Concert, which visitors to the site can download in return for their contact details, as part of a lead nurturing programme.

All of this has been achieved by optimising HubSpot, Concert’s automated marketing program of choice. This enabled us to provide detailed analysis of how many people downloaded the results, where they came from and the engagement on social media. Powerful data all streamlined in one place.

Talbot and Muir

Talbot and Muir offer a personalised pension service to financial advisers and their clients.

Unlike large firms with call centres, Talbot and Muir pride themselves on their fast and personal service.

The firm’s new website and branding reflect that people and relationships are at the centre of their business. There’s no cold stock imagery, just genuine photos of the team who are always available on the other end of the phone.

The core imagery for the website is reflected in offline documentation and marketing collateral. Online, the website contains several necessary technical areas, which are easily navigable, thanks to a consistent and familiar structure.


Scott Hughes

Scott Hughes are innovative design and structural engineers.

Their website needed to reflect their modern approach to design, as well as putting their creations front and centre.

The end result is a website which emphasises their fantastic portfolio of work, whilst minimising distractions. Bespoke photography is displayed prominently and rotated often, to increase engagement. The full navigation menu is kept hidden, unless requested by a user.

As with all of our websites, a responsive mobile solution ensures browsers using a phone or tablet can still receive the full site experience, without painful scrolling or slow load times.



Our client, Greystone, is a wealth management group offering personalised financial planning. Building long term relationships with their clients is at the heart of the way they work and so they wanted their website to reflect this.

The challenge they set us was to ensure the site gave a real sense of the personality behind their brand and of the people they work with. So we recommended a series of client stories, where the visitor could meet some of the real people Greystone has helped; much more meaningful, somehow, than a page of corporate-sounding bullet points.  

The new site is bright, bold and full of colour. High quality, professional photography brings each page alive.  

We also created a news area – Insight, for topical news stories, industry specific articles and lifestyle features about clients and staff. The progressive loading technique we employed ensures the items are quick to load and browse through. There is also a  dynamic filtering option which means the user can sift the content according to their interests.       

Not wishing to get too techie, but the use of parallax scrolling throughout the site provides a smooth transition around each page. Hover effects over the various icons or images help to create an interactive experience for the user.

The Adviser Lounge

The Adviser Lounge is a social site for financial advisers to post their take on the latest industry news and events; from legislation changes, to best practice, to… their favourite types of crisps.

Having originally developed the site with secure login access for all members, we worked with Adviser Lounge again to refresh their branding and tweak the site’s presentation.

The result was a redesigned home page, which allows new visitors and regular readers to see all of the latest content at a glance.

Individual article pages were also redesigned to make for a more pleasant reading and commenting experience.

As a result, Adviser Lounge increased both their membership and readership, thanks to the streamlined user experience. Adviser Lounge continues to see high traffic and engagement levels, with their membership amongst the most active in the financial services space.



Time4Advice are the developers of revolutionary financial software Curo. They needed a website which communicated the forward-thinking nature of their product through design, concept and copy.

Using the latest technology to incorporate dynamic scrolling and a video background, the Time4Advice website emphasises that Curo is a product with both style and substance, used by people with the same.

Subtle visual cues throughout the site continue to build Time4Advice’s house style and voice, whilst iconography and a clean and simple journal allow the firm to easily communicate their message.

The online branding we developed is reflected in offline assets, which allow Time4Advice to continue to develop their client base.

Read the full story behind the Time4Advice project here.


Donald Wealth Management

Donald Wealth Management focus on helping families to protect and invest their wealth.

Working with many business owners who want to know that they can transfer wealth from their firm to their family, Donald wanted to ensure their brand and website communicated the values shared between themselves and their clients.

The result was a brand and website which emphasises continued success, happiness, family and tradition.

The values are carried in highly visible imagery, such as the homepage picture gallery, but also through subtle elements, such as the Donald ‘signature’ logo, which is entirely bespoke.


Fensham Howes

Fensham Howes provide strategic financial management to high net worth clients.

Their website needed to communicate the firm’s prestige. No gimmicks or tricks. Just the pure and tangible value of their intangible service.

Our solution involved the creation of a subtle but highly refined brand, which communicates heritage, worth and expertise.

The branding is reinforced on the home page and throughout the site via the use of prominent concepts and messages which align with the firm’s values.

The full brand guidelines we created allow the firm to communicate consistently both online and offline in all of their future endeavours.


Newell Palmer

Newell Palmer are a progressive financial planning firm, based predominantly in the Midlands. They have expanded exponentially over recent years and in 2015 completed their 35th business acquisition.

As, over time, they have become a larger firm, Newell Palmer came to ClientsFirst with a requirement for a marketing strategy to be delivered in tandem by ourselves and their internal marketing resource, with the aim being to keep in touch with their ever-growing client base. The company greatly value personal financial planning and wanted to ensure this was maintained as they grew in size.

Our solution includes both a new website, which emphasises personal connections within the firm and an ongoing marketing strategy, which ensures clients are communicated with regularly about changes large and small.

Our flexible approach to Newell Palmer’s ongoing marketing means that we are on hand whenever a key message is needed; whether that be to do with market and investment performance, or a business change within the firm, such as a further acquisition. Newell Palmer have benefitted from this approach, with several client comments recognising their increased proactive communications, helping to foster connections between firm and clients.


Capital Asset Management

Capital Asset Management are a boutique, multi award winning London-based financial planning firm, headed by Alan Smith, noted and respected within the industry for his ideas and approach.

Capital’s clients are typically city professionals, with high expectations of a wealth management firm, expectations which Capital exceed. As such, they needed a website which made tangible their intangible service, expertise and dedication to perfection, as well as directly linking them to the location of their target market.

ClientsFirst’s solution features full page custom video, shot professionally on location in and around Capital’s City headquarters. The video’s message emphasises not only Capital’s expertise, but also their connection to London, through a subtle and refined message, which runs throughout the video.

From there, a bespoke design scheme continues to emphasise the firm’s values and approach, with close attention paid to copy and other smaller elements which come together to establish the Capital brand. The end result is a site which we think accurately represents a firm seen by many to be amongst the best in the UK.

Read the full story behind the Capital project here.