Leading London-based asset management firm Capital are pioneers when it comes to fair pricing for financial planning services. Ahead of a new campaign on the matter, we worked with the Capital team to refine their messaging and shout from the rooftops about the revolution they were about to lead.

Solution. Capital are tied to London by name, geography and culture and so our creative development made this explicit to all and sundry. Aligning Capital with the places, concepts and feelings in their opening video ensured the firm occupied their rightful position as a prestige asset manager. A new website to showcase the video, and Capital’s forthcoming campaigns, was developed at the same time.

Growth. As a result of their work on revolutionising adviser fees, Capital were invited to speak in the US and South Africa, as well as growing their enquiries and client base. They are also regularly approached by young, skilled financial planners who aspire to work for a firm with the ethos and culture of Capital.

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