Juro & Clientsfirst

A sustainable approach to landing page creation

About Juro

Juro is a contract collaboration platform, helping businesses create, sign and manage contracts in-browser. The LawTech startup is now over 3 years old, having grown to 20 people in 2 offices during that time. Juro’s primary audience sits with in-house lawyers, sales, and legal teams of high-profile, high-growth technology organisations. It’s also a top reviewed contract management platform.

The challenge

As a LawTech company, Juro has its own web development team. However, the priorities for this team are focused on the contract management software itself.

Juro was struggling to balance the needs of the marketing team with the resource available. The challenge that all startups face is that they need superb design to be consistent across all of their properties. There is no room to make mistakes during the early years of an organisation. This was especially true for Juro, as most of their lead generation comes from content and inbound leads.

The biggest challenge for Juro was how their website was built. Their beautiful site was custom designed and sits flat on AWS. As HubSpot users, Juro knew they had options for adding pages onto a subdomain, but the question of resource came heavily into play. Without agency help, the Juro developers would have to take time away from their work on Juro products and software to create marketing content.  So, when a new landing page for gated content was required, a decision about how to produce this and future pages had to be made.

The solution

Juro needed to choose an agency that would both help them grow and maintain a high standard of work throughout the process. Previously, Juro had engaged ClientsFirst to create email templates as part of a design-forward rebrand exercise. The ease of working together and quality of work positioned the agency as the primary candidate for this new, more substantial piece of work.

As Platinum HubSpot partners, the ClientsFirst team has expertise in working within the HubSpot environment. The agency has a reputation for creating beautiful and effective pages. The landing pages created for Juro have been especially high performing. Some have proven their worth with conversion rates of over 50%. Even the oldest landing page developed for Juro continues to convert visitors to leads at a rate of 25% without supporting collateral still being circulated for it.

Since the initial creation and implementation of these landing pages, the  Juro team has happily used them as reusable templates. This has added significant value for the customer by providing them with a tool that can be shaped and recreated for future growth. Chris Brown, Head of Development at ClientsFirst, was delighted to hear this. He responded, ‘It’s really pleasing to me to see that you’re using the template and are repurposing them.’

On the subject, Tom Bangay, Director of  Content for Juro, said ,‘The work you give us is self-serve and modular[…] The pages are intuitive enough that I can reproduce them without really knowing what I’m doing [with web development].’

‘I hate working with agencies unless they’re really good. And I keep them forever if they are.’

Tom BangayDirector of Content

The future

Tom admitted to being pleasantly surprised when working with ClientsFirst. When asked what inspired that feeling, he said, ‘Something I quite like about you guys is you don’t really bother me at all with unfinished work. What I’ll receive is some answers or some work. Life is too short for that kind of back and forth.’

The next year will likely see big changes for Juro as they expand, both internally and externally. Future growth may create resource strain with respect to their internal web development team if any website changes are left to them, so Tom sees a strong likelihood that ClientsFirst will be making a return to this relationship, particularly as Juro explores more forms of experiential and video content offerings.

‘From an optimisation point of view, it’s obviously really frictionless, the way that you have designed the pages and how they’re working.’

Tom BangayDirector of Content