Working with There Be Giants

There be Giants have extensive experience in coaching and management consultancy. They specialise in working with companies to improve their business growth through performance management, objectives and key results (OKRs) and alternatives to the annual appraisal.

Their challenge was that they dealt with two distinct audiences: technical software companies and owner managed businesses, and as a result, needed a website that would appeal to both.

What we did

To overcome this issue, we came up with a website whose creative execution told a story to both audiences then asked them to choose the direction they wanted to follow. The user experience and layout were paramount in the main design of the site, giving an overall bold and striking result. We also focused on ensuring the messaging was consistent throughout, with clear Calls to Action (CTAs), which offered help and further valuable content.

We chose an animated typographic style for the home page, designed to introduce an element of curiosity and increase engagement levels by speaking directly to the visitor. The tone of voice throughout the site is direct and refreshing with a sense of pace, reflecting the way The Giants move people on in their development.


And this what The Giants thought…

“ClientsFirst were spot-on with their creative and on-the-ball with their project management. Communication was frequent and clear and they had the right balance of accepting feedback when it added value, but also constructively challenging our team when their expertise told them otherwise.” – Roger Longden

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