No it's not a podcast for Star Wars fans...

Jabber From The Hut – Inbound Growth Marketing in a shed, is a bi-weekly podcast centred around… yep you guessed it, Growth & Inbound marketing.

A lighthearted take on the world of digital recorded directly from a garden shed in the middle of the ClientsFirst office. Hosted by Matthew Wood (Marketing Strategist) & featuring Jon Pittham (Managing Director) & Sam Turner (Head of Digital).

The latest episode...

Episode 1

Ditching The Funnel For The Flywheel


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Episode 2

Growth Drive Design, a look into the future of website development


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Episode 3

Big Marketing Predictions 2019


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Episode 4

Sales Enablement: The secret to your next marketing campaign


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Episode 5

Is creating a great client experience on and offline the key to growth?


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Episode 6

Using LinkedIn as a Growth Marketing tool with Ian Brodie


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Episode 7

T or I Shaped… Building your Growth Marketing team


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Episode 8

Coming soon

The ClientsFirst Podcast Recording Studio

Here is where we hide away to record our podcast, it's actually roomier than it looks...

Yes It's a Real Shed...

While it's not great for storing garden equipment or growing plants, it's great for recording audio as it's completely soundproof!