Capital Asset Management

Capital Asset Management are a boutique, multi award winning London-based financial planning firm, headed by Alan Smith, noted and respected within the industry for his ideas and approach.

Capital’s clients are typically city professionals, with high expectations of a wealth management firm, expectations which Capital exceed. As such, they needed a website which made tangible their intangible service, expertise and dedication to perfection, as well as directly linking them to the location of their target market.

ClientsFirst’s solution features full page custom video, shot professionally on location in and around Capital’s City headquarters. The video’s message emphasises not only Capital’s expertise, but also their connection to London, through a subtle and refined message, which runs throughout the video.

From there, a bespoke design scheme continues to emphasise the firm’s values and approach, with close attention paid to copy and other smaller elements which come together to establish the Capital brand. The end result is a site which we think accurately represents a firm seen by many to be amongst the best in the UK.

Read the full story behind the Capital project here.