Our client, Greystone, is a wealth management group offering personalised financial planning. Building long term relationships with their clients is at the heart of the way they work and so they wanted their website to reflect this.

The challenge they set us was to ensure the site gave a real sense of the personality behind their brand and of the people they work with. So we recommended a series of client stories, where the visitor could meet some of the real people Greystone has helped; much more meaningful, somehow, than a page of corporate-sounding bullet points.  

The new site is bright, bold and full of colour. High quality, professional photography brings each page alive.  

We also created a news area – Insight, for topical news stories, industry specific articles and lifestyle features about clients and staff. The progressive loading technique we employed ensures the items are quick to load and browse through. There is also a  dynamic filtering option which means the user can sift the content according to their interests.       

Not wishing to get too techie, but the use of parallax scrolling throughout the site provides a smooth transition around each page. Hover effects over the various icons or images help to create an interactive experience for the user.