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Social media is more than just a tool to talk to your friends

When you think about social media what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people it’s viral videos, finding out the latest news, or commenting on your friends holiday pictures… When in fact what it should be “this is the perfect platform to market my business and to gain new customers.” And thanks to the social media advertising, there are so many ways to narrow down and project your business and brand to your absolute ideal audience.

Organic use of social media simply isn’t enough to really drive new sales and increase your companies ROI, and this is especially true for new businesses and companies looking to launch new products where it is near impossible to gain any sort of reach without a detailed ads campaign.

The most common problems we hear from businesses who try their own Paid Social Media Advertising

The biggest misconception we hear from businesses is that social media advertising is really easy to run… But social media advertising is actually incredibly complex, and if done in a rushed scattergun way, it can be a complete waste of time and money. On the other hand, if it’s properly planned out according to your business objectives with researched targeting, and a great creative concept, it can produce amazing results.

Here are some of the main problems we see from other businesses;
  • You’ve been increasing the size of your social media audience either organically or buying likes but your content isn’t reaching anyone
  • Not enough time to properly research ad types and the different platforms
  • Lack of knowledge and skills to effectively run campaigns
  • You’re not sure on advert creative guidelines and ads have often been rejected by the ad platforms
  • You don’t know how to split test advert sets and creatives properly
  • You have had doubts that you should even be using social media advertising (Check out our blog on social media advertising)
  • Basically, you’re completely confused about the different options and have no idea how to properly use paid social ads.
  • You don’t know how to implement tracking pixels into your website and report on the results properly

How we can help as a social media advertising agency?

Fear not as we can help you and your business reach it’s full potential when it comes to social media advertising. We can run ads on all of the main social media platforms including, FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube.

When we run your social advertising campaigns this is what we do;


We design every part of your adverts creative including sourcing and designing the imagery or video, writing the compelling ad copy, and if you are using Facebook to advertise we can design a Canvas for you. The creative is the most important part about your advert as it’s the part that will attract a potential customer to your business, if it’s not done right or looks bad you may as well be throwing your ad budget into the bin.


Targeting is what makes social media advertising so uniquely brilliant and the amount of different targeting combinations makes it so in depth. As part of us running your paid social campaigns we will do all of the research into your target audience and it’s interests, and build out advert sets depending on your business objectives. While Facebook has the most comprehensive targeting platform, we can pretty much target any sort of demographic on all of the channels.

Audience building

As part of targeting we can build customised retargeting audiences by using either the tracking pixels to or by uploading your database into the platforms directly and showing your adverts to people who already know your business and have been on your website already.

Split testing

Split testing your adverts and advert sets is incredibly important in making sure your ad budget is being well optimised. We use a variety of tools and software to split test targeting, headline, placement, image, body copy and more – and use the combination that gets the best results.


We offer a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly report that uses a variety of tracking pixels and google analytics to produce detailed but digestible results into how your ad campaign is running and the amount of conversions obtained. We then provide a list of actions we think we should take going forward into the next month.

How do we get started?

Social media advertising has so many great possibilities and potential that it should be an essential part of any businesses marketing strategy!

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