What is lead nurturing and how do you do it? – Part 2

In the first part of our ‘What is lead nurturing?’ guide, we explained how lead nurturing is a system designed to help you make the most from your web traffic. We left our fictional company – a small legal practice – in a much better marketing position than they’d … Read More

5 ways to make your email marketing stand out

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MailFirst Updates: September 2013

MailFirst is updated regularly to make sure clients receive the best possible level of technology with the greatest array of features. During the course of August and the beginning of September, we made the following updates to the system to aid its usability and performance. Create your own … Read More

Six reasons why your next marketing focus needs to be personalisation

The increased impact personalised marketing campaigns can have on your clients and prospective clients can really make the time spent on them worthwhile. Here are six reasons why personalisation is something worth doing, how it can take different forms and what effect it will have on the performance of your … Read More

What makes a good client survey?

Advisers are increasingly using client surveys within their businesses but what benefit are the surveys? They take time and effort to put together, so how can advisers ensure that they are making the most of them? The benefits of using client surveys are clear, they allow the business to understand … Read More

MailFirst Updates: July 2013

We regularly add new features and updates to MailFirst, to make sure we keep up with new trends and technology changes and react to user requests. During July, the main MailFirst Update was to the Image Manager, but there are also a host of smaller changes … Read More

4 ways to craft great newsletter introductions

When people receive content from you, they decide whether they want to read on in a matter of seconds. For your email newsletters, this time reduces substantially, as people decide whether you have engaged them enough before they hit the ‘file’ or ‘delete’ buttons. You’re probably already making use of … Read More

MailFirst Advanced Tips: Know your email bounce definitions

Whatever email system you’re using to send out your marketing, you’ll notice that it will report back to you with what are known as email bounce definitions. Broadly, a ‘bounce’ signifies that your email did not reach the intended recipient, whilst the ‘definition’ should tell you the reason why it … Read More