Key moments of truth – are you creating misery or magic?

In 1984, Richard Normann formulated the concept ‘Moments of Truth (MOT)’, the idea that every interaction your client has with you or your business creates, either directly or indirectly, an ‘MOT’ on which the client will form or shape his opinion of you or your business. Read More

Don’t buy your email mailing list until you’ve read this

So, you’re considering buying a mailing list as part of your plans to grow your business. How do you ensure you’re not getting a bunch of poor quality email addresses that are years old? Here are a few considerations before you commit money to a potentially out of … Read More

New Drag & Drop Dynamic Content Builder

This applies to anyone using our Professional, Professional+, Enterprise or Enterprise+ services. Dynamic Content is a powerful way to automatically target your email campaign content to each individual recipient. You can now define and create powerful, rule-based dynamic content in your campaigns in minutes – just … Read More

Joined up thinking – integrating with social media

The use of social media is growing; a couple of years ago I was a sceptic, I didn’t believe that LinkedIn or Twitter would have any benefit for a professional advisory business. My view has changed. Social media cannot be avoided; it’s playing an increasingly important … Read More

It’s not WHAT you do or HOW you do it, it’s WHY….

The advisory market is evolving and firms are increasingly looking for ways to ‘add value’ to clients and differentiate their services. Coupled with this is the focus on gaining new clients, the catalyst for growth. The old model of business promotion was to talk … Read More

20 content suggestions to engage and inform

FACT – the majority of people reading your newsletter will be more interested in hearing about news from your business than the latest HMRC update or important pension change. This is why it’s more important than ever to combine a good mix of generic news items with lighter … Read More

20 ways to increase client engagement

We already know that a regular email newsletter is an excellent way of keeping in touch with prospects, clients and professional connections – it allows you to develop ongoing relationships that build trust, awareness and loyalty. Here are 20 ways to increase that … Read More

Re-balancing portfolios – making it easy

Re-balancing a client’s portfolio is an important function that helps keep the client’s investment program on track and aligned to their goals.  More adviser firms are running portfolios on an advised basis, at times requiring authority from the client to switch funds.  This work can be resource intensive, … Read More