4 ways to craft great newsletter introductions

When people receive content from you, they decide whether they want to read on in a matter of seconds. For your email newsletters, this time reduces substantially, as people decide whether you have engaged them enough before they hit the ‘file’ or ‘delete’ buttons. You’re probably already making use of … Read More

MailFirst Advanced Tips: Public address books

Welcome back to another MailFirst Advanced Tips, our series to help you get the most out of our email solution for professional firms. If you missed the first one, why not head back and read it here. This time, we’re looking at how you can … Read More

Why client communication matters

In a world most of us can remember, Mr Smith was your banker, Mr Arthur was your solicitor and Mr Jones was your financial adviser. They were all based on the high street (remember those?) and you could walk to them from your house. ‘Client communication’ meant clients calling in … Read More

5 Key e-mail metrics to make sure you measure

Whether you’re a MailFirst user or not, monitoring the success of your e-mail communications is vital to understanding who you’re reaching and what you’re managing to say to them. Originally, the statistics for e-mail marketing were limited but now, using solutions like MailFirst, it’s possible to produce all sorts of … Read More

10 reasons why you should use The ClientsFirst Email Technology

Using your standard email system (e.g. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail) to bulk mail is not the best way to go about contacting your clients or prospects. Why? Because your standard email system is not designed for marketing and has significant limitations. If you send bulk email from your … Read More

Key moments of truth – are you creating misery or magic?

In 1984, Richard Normann formulated the concept ‘Moments of Truth (MOT)’, the idea that every interaction your client has with you or your business creates, either directly or indirectly, an ‘MOT’ on which the client will form or shape his opinion of you or your business. Read More

20 MORE content ideas for your newsletter…

Following some great feedback to one of our blogs earlier this year, we’ve decided to include 20 more newsletter ideas. Have you got any more to add? 1. Share content – link to other websites or blogs that your readers might find useful or interesting and provide comment. 2. Case studies – … Read More

What does good client communication look like?

No surprises that good client communication is one of the key factors underpinning a succesful advisory business. It’s also a great differentiator for firms competing with the larger private banking or national accountancy firms. Large firms are not as effective as smaller firms in a couple … Read More

New Drag & Drop Dynamic Content Builder

This applies to anyone using our Professional, Professional+, Enterprise or Enterprise+ services. Dynamic Content is a powerful way to automatically target your email campaign content to each individual recipient. You can now define and create powerful, rule-based dynamic content in your campaigns in minutes – just … Read More