The 3 marketing tools all senior marketers need

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Tools for marketers come in abundance and in many forms, from in depth design studios to software which simplifies social sharing. At the forefront of the discovery of these useful tools, there’s usually a team of knowledgeable, hands-on marketers. These marketers will act as the quality checkers to their superiors and only pass on knowledge of the best of the best in terms of marketing tools.

Knowing that many senior marketers are often pressed for time, we thought we’d share with you a number of the tools we’ve tried and tested… and continue to use to this day. These tools are guaranteed to help you understand your market place and take your marketing to the next level.


If the predictions for marketing in 2018 become a reality (and some of them more than likely will) then the shift to being more visual and portraying more emotions centered around the audience will eclipse all the activity thus far. Graphics and other visual formats will play an important role in all this. That brings us to our first tool, Canva.

Canva is a free online design program which enables someone with no design experience to become an instant designer. It houses millions of free to use images, illustrations and vectors (there’s also paid for images but with our 1+ year experience with Canva, we’ve never not been able to find what we desired). Fonts, icons and symbols can also be used to complete your chosen design. All this is accompanied by its easy drag and drop functionality.

The simplicity and pure beauty of this application adds to the joy of crafting graphics, documents, social media headers and so much more.


As well as looking good, it’s also key to be able to develop marketing assets which simplify your day to day life, hone your lead generating processes and be able to productively target your ideal audience. Hubspot houses a number of effective tools for exactly this. Hubspot offers free marketing tools as well as more enhanced paid for tools. Essentially, Hubspot is a sales and marketing platform that focuses on inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the process of attracting quality leads to your business, rather than going out and interrupting people in the hope that they’re ready to become a client.

Free features of hubspot include a sophisticated CRM system which powers lead flows, contact activity and more. Tasks for team members can be created, meetings can be arranged and emails can be crafted, sent and monitored all from one place.


Hotjar is an insightful tool which offers you great value in terms of understanding your audience. The software is an analytical tool which records visitor engagement and produces heat maps so you can better grasp the level of engagement from your audience. The heat maps allow you to see exactly where on the page your visitors spend time, scroll and click. Other features from Hotjar include surveys and feedback polls.

We would also recommend you take some time to take a look at the below tools, which we also use on a daily basis:

  • Moz
  • Google Trends

If you’d like to talk to us about the marketing tools mentioned above, you can get in touch by calling us on 0345 450 8363.

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