What we do

ClientsFirst are a full service marketing agency, capable of working with clients big or small, on the basis of one-off campaigns or retained marketing services.

Web Design and Build

ClientsFirst design and build exceptional websites that do two things – they help you to stand out when new clients come to check you out and they also allow existing clients to find the information they require quickly and easily.

All of our websites are designed by our design team and built by our developers, meaning you get a website that looks fantastic and performs incredibly.

Our web design philosophy isn’t only built on making sure the site performs well and looks good; we want to make sure you’re involved in the process. Your site should cater to you, your marketing strategy and your clients, not the other way round, so if you want to be able to add new content, create blogs, update an image gallery or anything else that helps, we’ll make sure it happens.

Design and Creative

Standing out matters. Everything associated with you links back to how you are perceived by your clients and your potential clients. Controlling perceptions of you and your brand is amongst the most difficult (and most important) of all marketing activity.

With in-house design expertise, we offer a full design, concept and creative service; whether you require a rebrand, a new logo, a brand refresh or something else entirely.

We work closely with clients to make sure we provide design and creative elements which reflect both what you do as a business and how you want to be perceived by your clients.


So, you want to be number one?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is and has always been about creating great content, supported by technical proficiency. Whilst other SEO approaches have focused on trying to find shortcuts, Google has time and time again closed these methods down and penalised the websites involved.

Instead of pursuing these methods, we focus on ensuring your brand is optimised for success, following Google’s own best practice and industry-leading know-how. SEO isn’t just about your website, it’s also about your social channels and wider online footprint. We’ll make sure they’re all in tune with each other and that your website is primed for success from the beginning.

Then comes the content. Google wants people to find compelling content, which is exactly what we specialise in. We work closely with you to identify topics your audience is interested in and then to identify SEO opportunities around those topics.

You’ll hear from us regularly, through monthly reporting so that you can gauge the success of your campaigns and ensure ROI. It’s results that matter, to you and us.


Ever struggle to find the words you really want to say?

Do you know what you want to write but can’t make it sound quite right?

It’s a well known fact that good writing should inform, change the way you feel or make you take action – or hopefully a bit of all three! But writing powerful and engaging copy isn’t as easy as you might first think, let alone finding the time to do it!

Here at ClientsFirst though, we have a whole team of professional copywriters whose job it is to do just that, day in, day out.

So whether it’s a blog or a mailer, an advert or a press release, a brochure or some case studies, a technical white paper or copy for a website, why not let our wordsmiths work their magic? You may just be surprised at the results!

Integrated Marketing

Successful marketing is about more than just one single thing. It’s about multiple elements and areas of expertise, all working together to achieve your firm’s aims.

Once you’ve had a new website developed, for example, you’ll need a plan to acquire visitors. If you’re developing content, you’ll need a plan to get that content in front of people. When you achieve results, you’ll need knowledge and expertise to tell if those results represent a success or not.

Whatever the project, we work with integrated marketing in mind, which we think sets us apart from other firms. We don’t just want you to be happy at the end of the project we work on. We want you to be happy and have the ability to grow your marketing – independently, with us, or with anyone else – long into the future.

So, even if we’re only involved with your website, for example, you’ll benefit from our integrated marketing expertise, which draws in every area you might wish to consider in the future.

Paid and Organic Social Media

‘Social media’ means more than posting a few tweets every so often. Like any other marketing platform, social media needs careful planning and works differently for different people.

Did you know that social can boost your SEO efforts, or that paid social advertising campaigns can have a huge effect on how many people you reach?

When we work with clients on their social media, we listen carefully to where you are at the moment and what your business objectives are, and we build a strategy to take you further; whether that means you just need a little training or you need us to take over.

We’re also HootSuite solution partners. HootSuite is a social software that allows the updating of several networks at once and provides security features to give you peace of mind. Interested? You can download Hootsuite here.

Newsletters & Email Marketing

Whilst ‘social’ might be the buzzword, email marketing is still one of the most popular and successful ways of getting your message onto the desks of those who matter.

Our email technology, MailFirst, has all of the tools to allow us to create newsletters and stand-alone eshots for you, send them to your target contacts and track how well your message was received.

We create beautiful HTML templates that match your existing branding and then send your message out to the world for you. If you’ve always thought email marketing could work for you but never had the time to put your plans into action then our newsletter service could be just what you need.

Content Marketing

Marketing is no longer about selling your brand or your services: it’s about engaging potential clients in a conversation and providing them with material they will find useful.

Content Marketing is all about producing useful, insightful, exciting online material, which potential clients want to engage with. Material like our financial planning video, unique articles, infographics, feature-length guides on topics clients are passionate about: anything and everything, in any medium, that clients can engage with. Once this material has been produced, Content Marketing becomes about making sure it is seen by as wide an audience as possible.

We work with clients to design Content Marketing strategies. We’ll manage your complete digital presence, creating and distributing new material, before analysing how well it performed. Our Content Marketing work takes in all of our strengths as a firm: from great design, to unique concepts; from great copy, to using the very latest technologies and networks.


Explaining what you do can often be a complicated business. How do you convey the benefits, for example, to people who have little time to read lots of content? Video can strip through all this and deliver your message in a succinct and appealing way.

Research also shows that video encourages people to engage with your site and stay on it for longer. They are also more likely to remember what they’ve seen. You only have to think of the fact that YouTube has over 1 billion users to know that we are visual beings who love to look at things and more importantly, share what we have seen. It makes sense then to ensure this powerful tool is an integral part of your marketing mix.

At ClientsFirst, we produce many different sorts of video; from animation to live action; from technical demonstrations to brand or mood establishment, with a strong storytelling element. Bespoke video content can bring your brand to life.